New Jersey ABA Division 10   

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 April 2020 Tournaments have been CANCELLED due to organized group restrictions at Morris Co Parks   

Next Tournament: Sunday June 21, 2020 Lee's Marina   Mandatory Pairing/Safety Briefing:   5:00am

Avoid Late Fees and Promote Social DistancingClick Here to Pre-Register Highly Encouraged

*See below for additional info from ABA for Coronavirus mitigations for AFT tournaments

THANKS to ALL for your support and participation! 

  Looking forward to another  great season!

*Special Tournament Director Guidance-COVID-19 
from ABA  
First, the great thing about our events and what is going on with the Corona Virus is we don’t get too close to each other fishing. Matter of fact, we are separated all the time except at meetings.
In order to make sure we are mitigating all close contact with our anglers and them with each other we are providing the following guidelines for all AFT tournaments.

All processes remain pretty much normal except for a few.

Pre Caution Exemption AFT:
You as a director can already refuse any entry fee, if you decide you do not want non-boaters in your event until this crisis passes you are allowed to do so for the reason of safety.

Ask your anglers at your next briefing or by phone and email to register online which will reduce lines at your tournaments.

Morning Registrations
1. Only one person in the registration at a time, it is suggested all anglers register online
2. You would call for Next to register or pick one to register
3. Once they are registered tell them to launch their boats and wait for your instructions.
4. Tell your anglers to stand away from each other by 10 feet
5. All launch numbers will be by date and time of entry until we get passed this virus issue.

1. All briefing should be given on the water from your boat or at the doc, meaning all anglers are in their boats and engines off. This is an excellent time to check for kill switches and running live wells.

Weigh ins
1. We have waved the restriction of using ABA weigh bags. We suggest anglers use their own for now. No bag lines.
2. You should use as basket or two and have the angler dump the fish in the basket, you weigh them and dump back into the angler’s bag. While you are weighing fish, wear gloves at all times.
3. You may also opt to have a drive up weigh in, let the angler load his/her boat, drive up the scale location, weigh get fish out, weigh, get back in truck.
4. No more than 5 bags should be put out at a time. Tell the anglers to separate if you see them getting closer than 10 feet from each other.
5. Awards: We suggest that checks are better than cash. If you do cash, put it in an envelope and tell the angler to wait 3 days before opening.
We feel confident that this national emergency will pass and while it is going on, we will protect our anglers in several ways and to give them more time on the lake! Fishing is one of the best ways to get away from everyone.

God bless the USA!